What's it?
Patterned Glass,also named rolled glass,textured glass.
Shandong Glass Tech as a leading pattered glass producer in China.

Pattern glass is a kind of one-sided or double-sided surface with a pattern of uneven pavement translucent decorative Glass manufactured,which is a kind of flat glass manufactured by calendering molding through the manufacturing process of single and double roller. Single roller method is to pour liquid glass onto calendering table made of cast steel or cast iron.


# The design of colorful flowers and decorative effects have originality: Obscurity quiet charm or lively; or Simple and elegant; or were delighted. 

# Decorations have strong three-dimensional sense, the pattern never fade. 

# The products could be reprocessed by cutting, edge polishing, drilling and tempering, laminating, silkscreen printing, etc.

Shandong Glass Tech's Advantage:

#As the pioneer of pattered glass manufacturer in China through the horizontal line.
#Long years pattered  glass manufacturing & export experience.
#Various Designs as listed.
#Various Sizes
# Clear pattered glass & tinted pattered glass& wired Glass available.

#Patterned glass applicable to the construction of internal partitions, doors and toilet, as well as various location of sightseeing block. 
#Patterned glass is applicable to various public and private establishments who take both lighting and hiding, such as office conference rooms, meeting rooms, hotels, hospitals, sports grounds, gymnasium, bathroom, toilet, and so on. Also, it is widely used as t pan safety glass, furniture tops, lamps and shelf material.

Popular Designes: