What's it?

Low iron glass also named Ultra clear glass,Optiwhite glass, Super clear Glass,Starphire extra clear glass,which is ultra clear and provides a higher degree of transparency than normal clear float glass. This optimum clarity is achieved by removing most of the iron oxide content used to produce glass. The improved clarity of low iron glass compared with clear float glass is barely discernable unless the two types of glass are viewed against a coloured background.

(China)Shandong Glass Tech's Advantage:

1) As the pioneer of low iron extra clear glass manufacturer in China through USA technology.
2)Long years low iron extra clear glass manufacturing & export experience.
3)Special color tone,most pure,with iron content 100-120ppm
4) Various Sizes
5)Jumbo sizes: 3300mmx4500/5100/6000/8000..with A frame loading.


1)Ultra clear glass is manufactured with reduced iron content C low-iron glass is clearer. 
2)The appreance is pure, sparkling, very clear glass.
3)Non-Self-Broken after tempering,because of less nickel sulfide included.
4)Ultra clear glasss can be tempered, laminated and painted just like regular float glass and can be used 
virtually anywhere regular float glass can.
5)Ultra Clear Glass provides a dramatic improvement when used in laminated applications. 



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