What's it?

Shandong Glass Tech¨s Silkscreened Ceramic Frit is an enamel ink that is applied to the glass and permanently fused to the surface at temperatures in excess of 1200<F.  Multiple colors, effects and patterns can be created.  Combining with other processes such as backpainting or laminating allows for complete design flexibility. When design detail and budget are important, this product is the most cost-effective, flexible and durable way of applying decoration to glass.

Characteristics :

# Shandong Glass Tech ceramic glass produced with Ceramic Frit are highly durable, long lasting, and abrasion resistant.

# Ceramic Frit is available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

# Glass coated with Ceramic Frit may also be recycled at the end of its useful life and is available in laminated or monolithic form.

# Ceramic Frit designs, often in combination with a high performance low-e glass, can also be used as a way of controlling the solar heat gain into a building. 

# Ceramic Frit coated glass can be combined with other processes such as backpainting or laminating for complete design flexibility.

Shandong Glass Tech's Advantage:


# Glass Thickness: Any combination of flat glass 3mm to 19mm.

# Patterns: Large selection of in-house patterns and a comprehensive graphics lab for creating custom patterns.

# Colors: Shandong Glass Tech ¨s Ceramic Frit comes in a virtually limitless color palette.

# Surface: Exterior applications must be on an interior surface and not exposed to the elements unless specified as First Surface Ceramic Frit.

# Heat Treating: This product is available on either fully tempered or heat strengthened glass.

# Edgework: Standard edgework for Screen Printed glass is a seamed edge. Polishing and grinding is also available.

# Fabrication: Fabrication for installation and hardware is available.  

#Curtain Wall
#Home Appliance
# Automobile Windows
#Shpping Mall